Contesting The Verdict

Judges can be wrong in their rulings. Innocent defendents receive unfair sentences on a regular basis and suffer needlessly. These wrongful convictions occur as the result of common mistakes made during your defense process. In many cases, your verdict can be reversed by a competent appeals attorney.

The legal system can be very intimidating. Many defendants will accept their sentences without question and endure a lifetime of injustice. At Morgan Law Firm I am skilled in finding potential causes for your inappropriate sentence. The criminal appeal process is designed to give defendants another chance to present their case in front of a higher court, such as the Alabama Supreme Court or Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

We may be able to bring your case to a Higher Court.

There are many good reasons to seek a criminal appeal. Some of the more common mistakes include:

  • Defense evidence may have been excluded that should have been heard by the jury.

  • The court may have permitted the jury to hear prosecution evidence that should have been excluded.

  • Unintentional errors by prosecutors or even intentional misconduct.

  • Defense attorneys can make mistakes which deprived the defendant of the effective assistance of counsel.

Such actions provide sufficient reason for a higher Alabama or Federal court to overturn your conviction by way of the criminal appeal process.

At Morgan Law Firm I provide competent and professional representation on appeal of adverse decisions from civil, criminal, and post-conviction matters in both Alabama and federal courts.