When a juvenile is arrested, the juvenile and the family have many concerns. Will the juvenile be able to live at home or will the court order incarceration? Will there be a record after age 18? How will this affect the juvenile’s education?

At Morgan Law Firm I understand those concerns and will work with the families, prosecutors, and the juvenile court to find alternatives to the charges and to minimize the damages.

Contact Morgan Law Firm right away. The sooner we begin work, the better your chances for minimal damages. We will talk to the police, to witnesses, and to the assigned probation officer. If a probation officer wants to talk to a minor, anything said to the probation officer may be used against the minor. Let US talk to the probation officer.

There are often alternatives to incarceration including electronic monitoring, community service, weekend workhouse, days or weekends at juvenile hall. Juvenile records will be sealed and will not follow the juvenile into adulthood. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation.

At Morgan Law Firm I have handled a full range of juvenile offenses and are here to help when you need it most.